Happy Birthday, Tim Elston!

Tim is an amazing man!

He and I became good friends almost 27 years ago when we were freshmen in college in southeastern Tennessee.

Spring 1981 semester, we were actually roommates. How he ever put up with me is still "amazing" in itself....but then again, maybe I wasn't that difficult to live with after all.

Tim is originally from the great state of Oregon. His parents served in the pastorate for many years, so Tim has a deep and rich heritage in the church.

He's a marvelous trumpet player. He's also a military veteran--and there are lots of stories we could tell about our military service, and how we seem to always bump into each other all over the world.

Tim is probably one of the brightest people I have ever known. He has such a brilliant mind, and he can always think outside the "box"--however that box is defined.

I wanted to wish my pal, Robert Timothy Elston, a wonderfully happy Birthday!


Rob Mitchell said...

I'm also a friend of Tim's. We served together in the AF in England in the early 90s. Tim was a good friend, and though we've not communicated much, I still admire his character, integrity, and intellect, and am proud to count him as a friend.
All the best to him and also to you, Phil - I don't know you but there are a lot of commonalities in our histories besides Tim.
All the best to you as well.

Tim Elston said...

Hello, Phil and Rob. Phil called me and told me that Rob had posted this comment. (By the way, Phil, thanks for the online birthday wishes, which I saw today for the first time!) Rob, I'm not sure whether I told you this story, but one day I was standing in line at the bank on Mildenhall AB, and out of nowhere comes a loud hello from someone I last saw on the other side of the world several years beforehand. Phil, let me introduce you to one of the smartest men I have ever known, Rob Mitchell. Rob, meet Phil. You'll never meet a man more averse to speaking ill of people behind their backs. It's amazing that you two--two significant people in my past (though I still see Phil every now and then)--would meet like this. You've inspired me to start a blog here--my interest in which, no doubt, will be short-lived. It's timelston.blogspot.com. Fair warning, though, about the post-Christian content. No blog I could write would be interesting without being transparent about that. Merry Christmas to both of you. I'm glad you've met each other.