Dear Senator McCain...

Dear Senator McCain,

Congratulations on winning the nomination of the Republican Party for the Presidency of the United States. I have every intention of voting for you in November. You were my choice for the GOP nomination in 2000, before you were "hi-jacked" and "side-swiped" by all the "Bushies" that were running rampant across the country.

Right now, Senator, it looks like the General Election is yours to lose. But, please don't. I'm not sure I would be able to hold my head up if we get another "on-the-job training" President--a "President Obama". We have already had the "OJT" President, and he's about to return to Crawford, Texas. And not a moment too soon.

I applaud you for your wonderful service to this country. Your years as a Marine, as a congressional representative, and as a United States Senator give you far superior experience to either of the Democratic potentials for the Oval Office. While I admire Senator Clinton's knowledge, tenacity and ability, I admire yours even more. You have my vote...

Unless you royally screw it up between now and the General Election.

I don't anticipate you doing that.
Senator, we have lots of problems in this nation...and the Iraq War is only a tip of the iceberg. Our infrastructure is pretty much in shambles. Our national debts and deficits are absolutely INSANE and UNCONSCIONABLE (except to the Bush Administration, of course). Our obligations to our military personnel must be met...and without delay, or bureaucratic boggling.
I know and trust your ability to help us "wade" through these issues.

Please pick someone as your running mate who will actually listen to the nation....unlike the current Vice President. No one says that "political leaders" have to "agree" with everything. As we all know, the "Richter scale" of public opinion is fickle at best. But those same elected leaders must be willing to "hear" and "listen"---or at least give us a believable pretense of listening.
The current administration hasn't even pretended to "listen." Sad, indeed

Senator McCain, I will be proud to call you "President McCain." Good luck, and God bless you.

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