"His Music"...

I am a huge fan of Cynthia Clawson's music and ministry. Here's the last song from a recording titled, "The Way I Feel" released in 1978--thirty years ago:

A simple gift is all I have to bring to Him
To sing to Him, my love song.
To share as best I can about His blessing every day
How He hears me when I pray,
and He never turns away,
To use the very voice He gave to praise Him thankfully,
To put in words the way I feel and what He means to me:

When it's "spring" in my heart,
My Lord's the season,
And love's the easiest part,
He's the reason!
Whenever the sounds that often surround me
fall like sadness on my ears
I close my eyes till I hear HIS MUSIC.

When I'm lost and afraid,
My Lord's beside me
And though my direction has strayed
He will guide me.
Whenever I chance to dance to the piper
Who only brings me tears,
I look to Jesus and hear HIS MUSIC.

His music is the truest love song ever sung
It's for everyone, all children, old and young.
And if I reach a hundred I know there will never be another melody,
that's like the one HE sings to me.

For when I'm in the day
My Lord's the sunrise
For there's no clouds in the way
He's the strong and gentle wind,
And I'm so glad that He has given me
Much more than wealth or fame
He's called me by His name
And that's why I proclaim
The message of His grace....
Through HIS MUSIC!
Cynthia has this to say about "His Music":
George (Gagliardi) said he wanted to write a song to help me express how I felt about singing "His Music." I am grateful to have a friend who understands--I remember George had just snashed his finger in the car door and was really in pain. But he wanted to play this song for me. He played the right hand and sang--I played the left hand and wept. Black and white keys, red stains, friends clustered around a studio piano sharing "the way I feel and what He means to me."
I've been a fan of Cynthia's music for many years...and I feel like weeping tears of great worship every time I hear this particular song.

Let it minister to you. Visit her website...www.cynthiaclawson.com


Kari said...

I'm very excited to hear the lyrics to music! :)

busibees said...

Thank you Phil for posting this song. It's always been the song that moves me! Moves me close to our Lord!