Dick Cheney is on DRUGS!

From 1989-1993 I was one of then-Secretary Dick Cheney's biggest fans! He was a marvelous leader of the Pentagon.

My, how times have changed him. He has been one of the absolute WORST Vice President's of my life time. He made unspeakably horrible assumptions about the "Iraq invasion"--telling MEET THE PRESS host Tim Russert that our troops would be "welcomed as liberators"....How wrong he was!

Now he has the audacity to say that our "mission in Iraq" has been a success.

Tell that to the families of 3,987 military personnel who will never share another day with their families. Tell that to the grieving husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and friends.

Mr Cheney, I can hardly wait for you to leave office, and get out of Washington! The sooner, the better.

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