Welcome Home, Paul!

One of my "real life heroes" "Major" Paul has safely returned from his tour of duty in Iraq! I got the text message from his wife very early this morning--about 1:45 a.m. (CST).

God heard my prayers and pleas for Paul's safe return. He is a wonderful, godly man who loves people, loves his country, and loves his Saviour, Jesus Christ. He continually inspires and encourages my heart.

Almost a year ago, I found myself crying out to God on Paul's behalf--for his safety, for his family, and for his tour of duty in the troubled land of Iraq. While Paul was anxious to go "to the front lines", most of his friends and family were less excited about his departure. I've kept all the emails that I was fortunate enough to receive from him during his time in the Middle East.

"Major" Paul continues to amaze me, and inspire me with his devotion to God and country.

In the borrowed words of Ty Pennington (somewhat less of a hero, but famous nonetheless), "There's only one thing left to say: Welcome home, Major...welcome home!"

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