Jesse Jackson: SHUT UP!

Mr Jackson,

Let me say that I rarely want to "take any one to task" as much as I want to just let you have it with all barrels blazing.

Quite frankly, sir, you continue to prove that you are an idiot.

I have a couple of suggestions for you:

1) Stay off the television circuit. Make sure that your "spokesman" (who can't possibly be as incompetent with words as you've proven to be) tells whomever calls that you are "not available." He/She doesn't need to say anything else.

2) Get involved in some activity that doesn't bring "glory" or "recognition" to Jesse Jackson for a change. Go help the homeless in Chicago, or New York, or Zimbabwe. Do something constructive for a change.

3) Listen to Senator Obama and Dr Bill Cosby for a change. These are two of the very few men in this nation who will speak the "truth" to the Black community. You know they are speaking truth is the reason you dislike the message so much. You have pretended to be a "leader" in the black community for as long as I can remember. Where have you "led" these people? How have the lives of people in the black community improved "under your leadership"?

I submit this much: Their lives haven't improved significantly.

4) Finally, Go do something worthwhile...where no one (i.e, the media, your press people, and your "fans) will ever find out. Listen to your son...your name sake. He's the smart one in the family. You continually prove that "his father" isn't nearly as bright as the son.


Neil said...

I'm sure this was an oversight, but you forgot to refer to him by his proper title, which is Reverend.

Don't you think the Rev did a great job of advancing the Gospel this week?

Seriously, good recommendations on your part. Obama would make an awful President (inexperienced, wildly pro-abortion and pro-same sex unions, horrible foreign and economic policies, etc.) but Jackson was out of line.

Though now maybe Obama knows what it feels like to have someone throw you under the bus (Grandma, Rev. Wright, etc.).

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Powerful post!

Good words of wisdom for "Rev." Jackson. What church did he serve? Someone will have to remind me how he got the title "Rev."...