National Issue #10: Returning to Civility

This may be more "pipe dream" than anything else, but I believe that the "lack of civility" in these United States is a serious national issue.

I can't remember a time in my short life (46+ years) when people have been more ugly, more rude, and less well-mannered than in current times.

I'd like to blame it on "global warming"--but that can't possibly be the reason.

I'd like to blame it on "poverty" and the "plight of the poor"--but that can't be it either. I was raised WAAAAY below the poverty line, and I have almost impeccable manners---or at least I think so.

Where did all the name-calling, blame-gaming, and obnoxious behavior (all of which we tend to tolerate under the mantle of "free expression") come from anyway? Who said this is "acceptable behavior"? Where did they (whoever "they" happens to be) get such a horrific idea that this is "acceptable"?

What happened to "thank you", and "please" and "May I?" and "You're Welcome"? What happened to people playing their car stereos at levels where NO ONE else (and particularly not those of us who are trying to sleep in our homes (with our windows closed) can hear the music, or the reverberation?

What happened to people getting all the "facts" before they start spreading "lies" about those with whom they might disagree, politically, philosophically, or spiritually?

Whatever happened to the "truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"? Did that disappear with the television series "DragNet"?

Whatever happened to adults being worthy of respect and attentions simply by the virtue of being "adults"?

I had a smart-aleck 14 year old kid give me more than a little "back talk" and "attitude" when I corrected something the other day. **I would have never lived to be "14" if I had exhibited that kind of behavior towards ANY adult, and my grandmother caught wind of it. She would have KILLED me. No questions asked, and no excuses accepted.**

What happened to national, state, and local leaders having "civil" discussions, and even vehement disagreements without regarding each other as the Anti-Christ of Revelation, or the BEAST from the same New Testament book?

What happened to people who are able to work, actually going to work, school, or something productive, other than the food stamp office, and the nearest and dearest handout facility?

We must return to civility....

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