Relationships matter...

About fifteen years ago, I remember hearing the guest speaker say something profound during a Sunday morning worship gathering at the church where I was a regular attender in west Texas. This lady said,
There are only two things you can carry from this world to the next: Your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and your relationship with other people.

Even though I remember her message was very good, that one statement seized my heart...and I've always remembered it. This lady was also diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. I don't know if she is still alive or not...but her words still are very much alive in me!

The Bible has so much to say about relationships. All kinds of relationships. And since God's Word says so much about them, relationships must be of paramount importance to God Himself.

Sadly, some of us (myself included) have experienced the painful reality of relationships that have gone sour. Some of these events have been my fault...some of them have not. But the pain has always been real.

I found out, a long time ago, that it is much easier and much better to keep relationships in good repair than it is to "repair them" once they have been damaged or broken.

Even in the family of God. And especially in the family of God.

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M. Steve Heartsill said...


To be very open with you, I struggle with relationships. I think some of it comes from years serving as a pastor, where pastors aren't supposed to have close friends, especially in the church!

Some of it came from parents who wanted to be self-sufficient and not really need anyone else.

However, the older I get, the more I disbelieve both of those reasons.

And, if I am ever given the opportunity to pastor again, I'll forget what I was taught in seminary and from my parents...and I'll develop long term, great relationships!