Christian Nass, Welcome Home!

Just talked with my great friend, First Lieutenant Christian Nass, United States Army--who finished his 15-month tour of duty in northern Iraq. I couldn't keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks. It was so wonderful to hear his know that he has returned safely to these United States.

Christian and I became close friends while he was still an undergraduate student the Moody Bible Institute here in Chicago. I can honestly say that our relationship has been one of tremendous strength, encouragement, edification, and joy. Christian really does represent his name well: "Christian." He is so much like Christ, and has been the "face of Jesus" in my life more than once.

I wrote one of the letters of recommendation for him, when he decided he wanted to attend Officer's Candidate School several years ago. He is now preparing to enter Denver Seminary, and I also wrote a letter of recommendation for his Admissions process there.

Christian and his wonderful wife, Sarah, will be a blessing and asset to any place they are located.

I'm glad he is home. Those prayers were answered in the affirmative...

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