Sometimes, life is....

just confusing. I got the strangest "text message" this morning...and it didn't "end" well either...but the Lord knows what the situation is, and I'll leave it to Him.

just disappointing. A good friend of mine has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the liver...and he's a precious saint of God. He is always so encouraging, and I thrive on seeing he and his wife in God's house every week. My heart is broken over the suffering of this good man.

just frustrating. I work in Adult Career/Vocational Education. Sometimes, I honestly believe these adults have much shorter and far less comprehensive attention spans do they teenagers they often "spawn." I can explain, and explain, and explain again...but these grown folk seem to only "hear what they want to hear." Even if it's something I never said...or worse yet, never would say.

But life is also....

very exhilirating. I am continually thankful that my health is reasonably good...that I can walk (not as quickly as I once did--much to my chagrin), and enjoy fresh air, the smell of bakeries, and all the "sights" of the Windy City.

very rewarding. When I see the lights go "on" in someone's mind, realizing they can be much better than what they are...and be in a better place than their current location...whether it's here at the office, or in my neighborhood...or even in our local church congregation.

very satisfying. I am so thankful for every good night's sleep I have. My "brother" (even though we aren't blood-related) has had trouble getting a good eight hours of sleep for a long, long time now. He's basically exhausted. He's wondering if there is something physically wrong with him. He needs good rest. I'm thankful for every sound night of sleep that I enjoy.