To the Republicans in Washington and elsewhere...

First, I want to state very candidly and clearly: I am a declared, forever-sworn Independent...

Second, the general election in November 2008 clearly enunciated the nation's choice for "change." The Republicans were voted out of office, and their numbers diminished in both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. As a matter of fact, the "most liberal member of the Senate" (as he was oft labeled) became the President of the United States: Barack H Obama.

Third, the failed economic policies of the last eight years are exactly that: a failure. The outrageous tax cuts for people not needing them; the wide-open door for "big business" and Wall Street to pretty much do anything they please; and the "trickle-down" economics---all of these have failed the citizenry of these United States. President Obama has vowed to take a different approach.

Finally, the GOP doesn't stand for "God's Own Party." The GOP lost the general election in so many ways, and on so many levels. It's time to "work with the current administration" and help find some solutions to this nation's most immediate woes. The Bush-Cheney Administration left a mess that it will take YEARS to clean up.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the House and the U S Senate, you were elected to do the nation's work, and take care of the national interest. It's time to step up and do it. Follow the President's lead...and if you have better ideas, by all means present them to him. He has invited you to do so.

Take him at his word. Bring your "better ideas" to the Oval Office. You will get an audience, I'm sure.

But it's time to step up, and work.

Like the rest of us.

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