Thank you, Mr President (for your honesty)

It seems that some of the nominees for high-level jobs in Washington DC have had some "issues" with either paying their taxes on time, or paying their taxes at all. This has already derailed at least two potential government servants in the Obama Administration.

In his interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson, President Barack Obama said, "I screwed up." He expressed disappointment with himself, and with his "team."

He admitted that he had made some mistakes in the "vetting" process.

It is so refreshing to hear the President of the United States admit to the nation that he 'screwed up.' That he has feet of clay, and has made some errors.

After eight years of the "Cowboy from Crawford" never admitting any mistakes--and many of them being DEADLY mistakes (i.e. insufficient troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan)--it refreshes my heart to know that we finally have a President who can say, unequivocally, "I was's my fault."

No blame on anyone else. Not blaming the "right wing" whatever, or the "left wing" whatevers either....

Thank you, President Obama. Thank you.

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Jackie Johns said...

Phil, its still early in this administration. I agree that it is appropriate and refreshing for a President to acknowledge mistakes, provided the acknowledgement does not jeopardize others. I hope President Obama is less readily open when it comes to military mistakes. Such admissions given too soon may jeopardize lives. They should be given at the appropriate time.

In this case the question becomes, what will President Obama learn from these mistakes and from the results of admitting them? Before it is all over with I suspect he will be less open with admissions of error. That will be good and bad.