Mr President, You did great...

Mr President,
You did a superb job in your very first "prime time" press conference!

You were articulate, passionate, well-prepared, and to-the-point.

You were not an embarrassment to me, nor to any of our fellow countrymen. You addressed the issues that were raised, and you elaborated to the place where anyone (and everyone) could understand your positions on the questions asked.

I deeply appreciate your candor, sir, and your resolve to see these United States find "better days"...

After the last eight years, Mr President, you are a breath of fresh air. You bring a sense of urgency and immediacy to a nation that is still reeling from all the "free fall" of the last twelve months. Thank you for reminding us that the "economic policies" of the last 8 years have brought us to the threshold of the current mess we are having to "smell."

While I didn't vote for you back in November, I am certainly proud to call you "Mr President." You are exactly right about the economy, the inherited deficits, our diplomacy (and sometimes lack thereof), and what it will take to "recover."

Thank you, Mr President.

Thank you.


Kathi said...

well, that's one way to control things - just delete and start over from scratch.

Phil, I apologize. I don't know you, and shouldn't have been so harsh.

That said, may I offer an analogy?

What if your neighbor hired a gunman to come and murder his three year old? He up and decided that he didn't have enough money for her, or didn't want her, or she was inconvenient.

If you knew about it ahead of time, would you say something? Do everything in your power to prevent it? Be in total shock and dismay if another neighbor thought it was a good idea?

That's how I view abortion, and why I sometimes react fairly aggressively about the issue (or about people fawning over someone who's pro-abortion).

thecitizencane said...

Hmm, way to delete opposing opinions. That's so very open minded of you.

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

thecitizencane, you have NO ROOM to talk about "open minded" since you are one of the most arrogant and closed-minded people I've ever encountered...

thecitizencane said...

Good job Phil. You once again have put me in my place. For the record, I have never censored opposing points of view on my blog. Actually I welcome the chance to present contrasting points of view.

I guess some people are just not set up to hear opposing opinions.

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

and one more thing, Mr Johnson..

Unless you have a place for me (and others) to voice our opinions, then please refrain from doing so here, and anywhere else.

thecitizencane said...

I know of plenty places where people can voice opinions. I understand now that this is one place where an opposing point of view is erased. My blog welcomes different views. Also message boards like acts are a good place to voice an opinion.