Political Hypocrisy: So What else is new?

President Obama has it exactly right: the "Stimulus bill" is meant to spend money....that's the reason it is called a "stimulus"....and the Republican blow-hards (Boehner, McConnell et al) didn't say one blessed word about the "stimulus" while George W Bush and Company were spending the country into oblivion with their tax cuts, rebates, ad nauseaum.

At least, President Obama wants to invest some of this 'stimulus' money into the infrastructures of this country---a far cry from the Bush-Cheney spending habits. Obama wants to see money invested in healthcare, schools, roads, bridges, and public transportation....

I applaud him. Senator McConnell needs to do one of two things:

1) Retire from the Senate, and go back to Kentucky and do nothing on someone else's dime...OR

2) Get with the program of getting some Republican support for the Stimulus Bill and suggest MEANINGFUL, longlasting, effective additions/changes to it.

The days of OBSTRUCTION are over! McConnell and clan squandered their many years as the Majority and the power in the White House.

All the ballyhooing the Senator and his cronies want to do is nothing short of hypocrisy. While McConnell and his wife were in Washington DC basically doing nothing (Former Labor Secretary Chao is his wife), the job situation in this country has deteriorated. Secretary Chao is no longer on the public dole....

Maybe it's time for McConnell to follow his wife's lead...if he can't do his work.

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