A blast from the past...

Tears often fall from my face in sorrow
As I walk on thru the long lonely night.
So often I cry and it seems no one hears me;
Then thru the shadows I can see the dawning of light.

The shadows may fall and my cross gets heavy,
Sometimes it seems that I'll never see another day dawning.
But I remember His words though the night finds me weeping
He promised me, and surely there'll be joy in the morning.

Soon this old life and all of it's trials
Will be left behind for there's a new day a dawning.
And the shadows of sin will vanish forever
forever I'll find the sun always shines
Joy in the morning!

I remember hearing this wonderful song more than 30 years ago. If my memory serves me correctly, Aaron Wilburn wrote it. The first time I can remember hearing it was when Jill Kendrick (Stone) came and sang it in our local church in Huntsville, Alabama. I've gone back to the message of this song many, many times.

The LORD does give us joy in the morning. Sometimes those nights are VERY, VERY long...but He brings peace and joy like no other. He brings victory and freedom. Praise His name!

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Granny Dudley said...

I have always been blessed by this song. I can't find it on youtube. This is the first lyrics I have found to it. Thanks