Why did you do that?

I was talking with a precious friend last night...about some deep stuff. This great brother in Christ is such a blessing in my life. The LORD knew exactly when this man should become a part of my life--and also how to bring him in. We actually became friends in the kitchen at Moody Church one Sunday evening, when I was preparing the "snacks" after the Sunday evening service. (I seem to develop a lot of friendships in the church kitchen.)

We've been praying for each other, and keeping each other encouraged in the dailyness of life. He's a gifted athlete, and aspires to be a college basketball coach some day. Now, he wants to be part of a "coaching team" somewhere...an admirable goal.

But as I was reading last night, the Lord brought him to mind. So, I called him. I wanted to share with him some of my life experiences about the "spotlight."

There is nothing wrong with having high aspirations and great goals in life. Nothing troubles me more than someone who never aims high at anything--because they will always achieve it, sadly enough. Yet, in our 'reaching for the top' we have to examine our motives. I always have to ask myself, "Why am I doing this?" Am I doing this because I want someone to see how 'accomplished' I have become? Am I doing this because I feel that I deserve the 'attention' that will come my way? Just why am I doing this?

About four years ago, I remember hearing someone famous person (can't remember their name for the life of me this morning) mention their personal addiction to the "narcotic of being noticed." And for those who think they are not addicted....I would encourage some close examination.

Why do I do what I do? Is it because I am personally gratified with a "job well done"? Is it because I want my "superiors" to promote me, or give me a raise, or elevate me? Am I performing because I want to "impress" someone, somewhere?

Honestly, I still struggle with "motives." We all do. That's where the power of God's love and acceptance...and His grace and glory come into play. My earnest and deepest prayer is that I will perform "well" because I want God to be pleased and glorified with the results of whatever I am doing. So "why did you do that"?

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Excellent post Phil. I think it is one that pastors (at least me) have to constantly ask themselves.