Think about this.....

I first heard Geron Davis' fabulous music some twenty-four years ago when "Holy Ground" became such a "popular" song to sing in Christian circles. I've admired him ever since.

I went back through some of the taped services from Denver First Church of the Nazarene ( from years gone by...and found one where Geron, his wife Becky, and their friend Wesley Pritchard were ministering at DFC. They sang this wonderful, wonderful song:

When I stop and see,just where I've been
I'm really amazed I made it thru this place.
And I can honestly say
without a doubt in my mind
It's only because my life has been
Covered by His grace.

Is it any wonder they call it, "AMAZING GRACE?"
Great and small, every wrong erased.
When we were guilty as sin,
Jesus stepped in
And offered to take our place
Tell me, "is it any wonder they call it "AMAZING GRACE"?

All the debt was mine,
Jesus said "I'll pay"
A love so divine, has shattered both time and space.
And forevermore, hope had been reborn
For all of the world
had been introduced to God's Amazing Grace.

Indeed. We must never forget that Jesus did for us what we could never do for ourselves. We were not only lost in our sins...we were DEAD in our sins. God's only Son gave us the ability to "live again." I'm thankful...I'm humbled, and I'm amazed at His grace. We all should be.

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