This classic...

from the ministry of the late Dottie Rambo has been on my mind all day long:

I didn't come here to ask You for anything
I just came to talk with You, Lord.
You've answered a million prayers or more
That I forgot to thank You for,
I just came to talk with You, Lord.

Maybe tomorrow, there'll be trouble and sorrow
And a thousand tear drops may fall.
But until I face tomorrow's task
There is no special favor to ask,
I just came to talk with You, Lord.

It seems like we Christ-followers have a "wish list" or "request list" every time we want to talk with the Lord. Why is that? Would YOU want to talk with someone who never acknowledges/communicates with YOU unless THEY wanted something from YOU?

Quite honestly, NO, I wouldn't. I've gone so far (in the not too distant past) as to let my friends know that if the only time I hear from them is when they want something, then I'd rather not hear from them. I would hope that our relationship(s) are valued on the person(s), not just what someone can do for us.

I am beginning to feel the same way about my Lord Jesus. I want to love Him because HE IS....because I am so enamored and enchanted, and overwhelmed with HIM...not just what HE can do for me...

My friend Alex and I were talking about Matthew 6:24-34 again recently. We want to know Christ and the righteousness of God...not just for what HE can do for us...but because HE IS.

"So until I face tomorrow's task..."

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Kapema said...

this is a beautiful song saturated with truth.