Enforce the Current Immigration Laws...

As usual, the Senate of the United States has done basically nothing about comprehensive immigration reform. Not that I expected them to, though.

I have tremendous respect for Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina...However, on this issue, he was just terribly wrong. The so-called "agreement" hammered out with the White House was horribly flawed from the beginning.

We need to simply enforce the current laws of the nation concerning immigration.

Sadly, we may have waited too long. To those who want to come into this country (like the two people sitting in my office yesterday who have "overstayed their visas") and stay here, illegally, our laws mean nothing--and we are the ones to blame! We must insist on our duly enacted laws being enforced! No debate, no questions, no exceptions.

For all 12 million-plus, I would be in complete favor of buying one-way airline tickets back to their native lands. I would inform those governments that the United States will not accept these people inside our borders unless and until they can come here legally.

This is a costly proposition, but I am worried that "doing nothing"--which we have been experts at for the last 20 years--will be far costlier in the long run.

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