Wounded people...God can bring healing to them.

I was invited to a cook-out last evening, hosted by one of my long-time friends from The Moody Church, where I am a regular parishioner...it was a fun evening.

And while I was there, I began thinking about "wounded people" who sit in local sanctuaries every week. And there are hundred of thousands, if not millions of them.

I know this is true. I've been one of them before. It's not a pretty sight.

Now, thank the Lord, I can honestly say that I am on the way to "healing" and health. It's certainly a process, and one that is never pain-free.

Almost two years ago I was wounded, and wasn't sure that I would ever "trust" again...even though I desperately wanted to...

The Moody Church has been a wonderful place of healing and wholeness for me. I have found people who are in love with God, with His Word, and with His people.

Of course The Moody Church isn't the only place people of this quality are found...but these folk are really, really special to me.

This congregation has always been a great "informational" and "evangelistic" place, and rightly so. But as we all know, the Gospel not only calls us to evangelism and information, but also to relationships. The whole of the New Testament emphasizes our relationships.

The most important relationship we will ever have is our connection to God the Father through His only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ by the power of His Holy Spirit. This relationship is the ONLY sound, solid foundation for all other relationships on earth, and particularly in the family of God.

But then, our relationships to other Christians--blood-bought, blood-washed, believers--is definitely important. The Scriptures tell us how important these relationships are now, and for eternity. We belong to one another. We need each other, and the world can see that we are HIS disciples by how we relate to one another (John 13:32-34).

Sadly enough, I've been places where the only value I had was when I was "doing something" for "the cause"--whatever the cause happened to be at the time. I even had one leader tell me that I was of "no value to this congregation" unless...and then he ticked off a list of things.

I'm thankful that God views us as valuable to Him.

I'm thankful that The Moody Church views me as a valuable part of the family. I love them dearly.

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