Our Military Veterans...

As you may have guessed by now, I'm not exactly a HUGE fan of the current Bush Administration...but I do pray for the President every day...and I do mean every day...The Scriptures command me to do so.

HOWEVER, with all the fumbles this administration has committed, I'm convinced that the "mess" exposed by the Washington Post concerning the abysmal treatment of our military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan was the WORST example of poor management and negligence imaginable.

I'm thankful that Defense Secretary Gates had the fortitude to start "cleaning up" this mess...largely ignored by his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld.

As a military veteran myself, I was horrified to read and see the awful conditions we expected our service personnel--most, if not all severely injured--to endure and live through.

We owe our service men and women the ABSOLUTE BEST medical care that money can buy! No exceptions. This nation has called them to go to other countries and risk their lives--not to mention the more than 3500 military personnel who have given their lives---and then return home to "substandard" treatment.

We should be ashamed!

1.5 million military personnel have served at least one tour in either Iraq or Afghanistan, and one out of six come home with some type of serious medical condition.

We must take care of our own! This is not optional...it's not even a suggestion...it is a MUST!

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Lowell Brannen said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I am a veteran of the Viet Nam Era, yet I did not go to Viet Nam. I do remember the horrible treatment that those returning vets received. I really thought these today were being treated better but I could be wrong. It matters not what war or what brance of servie, or even what political view one holds, these men should be treated with honor and respect.