An Open letter to Paris Hilton

Knowing that she will NEVER read this post, I still want to speak my mind here. (And in the off-chance that she does read this post, then "good for her.")

Dear Paris,

Forgive me for not calling you "Miss Hilton", but I have almost 20 years on you, and probably have clothes in my closet that are older than you. Not being snotty, snooty, or mean...just stating the obvious.

First, you have been "over-exposed"..and that for a very long time. I do not begrudge your money, your heritage, nor the "wealth" that you have at your disposal, regardless of it's form(s). I'm glad that you haven't had to "struggle" like we "commoners" or "little people" as your "Aunt Leona Helmsley" once called the "working class." But now you are old enough to make "wiser" decisions than you have recently.

Second, did anyone ever tell you that if you are driving while intoxicated (and I really don't care how many beers, cosmpolitans, martinis, sangrias, or anything else alcoholic you may have had) that you are committing "attempted murder"? You should have been charged as such. The license to drive an automobile in this country is a PRIVILEGE--not a right. In my humble opinion, you have forfeited that privilege for a very, very long time. You intentionally put yourself in a place where you could have taken a life. And sadly enough, once those lives are snuffed out...they are NEVER returned.

Third, we are all learning from your "mistakes." You obviously aren't learning anything from them, but those of us "little people" who must see your face in the headlines are learning more every day. And the lessons are not pretty. And after awhile, neither are you. "Pretty is as pretty does..." And right now, you are not pretty.

Finally, your parents have failed you. The authority-figures in this country have failed you. And it's time that we face up to the consequences of our failures. The fact that we must "face our consequences" by no means let's you off the hook from facing yours. And face them you should...the sooner the better. Hopefully the time that you will spend incarcerated lets you see that "life really does have consequences"--and yours definitely does.

I can't help but wonder if there had been "consequences" earlier on in life for you, if things would have been drastically different now.


ruthrap said...

Let's face it, Phil, Paris will not have to face many least not in this lifetime..and if she does...they will be very minimal or nonexistent..she is spoiled with wealth and most likely fame that will eventually elude her..don't you think that any sort of acknowledgment of her existence only feeds the sick societal interest that is way out of proportion as it is? I say..Paris..get a real life...or get a grip on the phony one you portray! Just pray for her, Phil..that she starts using the brain that God provided her with.

Lowell Brannen said...

Based on what I hear comming from my peers, "little people", I think we all agree with your letter to Paris.
By the way. I attended Lee "College" in 1961, '62, and '74-'77. When I left Cleveland in '77, I didn't return, except for a visit from time to time, until 2002. We may have met. You may know of Bob & Marge Pack. We attended school together in '74-'77. They live in Romeoville.