Another Cancer Survivor...Robin Roberts...

Good Morning America's co-host Robin Roberts told the nation this morning that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

As disheartening and discouraging as this must be for her, and all those who know her so well, the rest of us--her "GMA" fans and family--are deeply touched and concerned about her.

I've remember when Robin was on ESPN's SportsCenter...and then when she first arrived at GMA, doing the news.

And then a couple of years ago when she became one of the three co-anchors of my favorite morning program.

She made a bold confession this morning: "God is good all the time." And I must say a hearty "Amen."

I encourage everyone to pray for her as she has surgery this Friday, and for the recovery period which could last a while.

I also want to encourage everyone--particularly the ladies who read my blog--to have regular exams, and to pay attention to any of the "lumps" you may find. I'm encouraging "everyone" because on rare occasions men have been found to have breast cancer too.

Robin, we love you. We are praying for you...and God will see you through.

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Kevin Bussey said...

I'll have to pray for her.