Some good advice...

Everything that I will post today is not particularly profound....until you think about it...and then it becomes incredibly profound:

1) When you think you've settled an argument with someone, ask one more question: "Is there something else I need to know?"

2) Remember that sitting in a comfortable chair with a good book is still one of life's least expensive and most enjoyable experiences.

3) When dining in someone's home, be the first to tell your host or hostess, "This is delicious."

4) Resign from the impossible job of trying to keep everyone happy.

5) When someone wants to do something nice for you...let them.

6) Smile when you answer the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

7) We all need second chances. Give somebody one.

8) Don't injure a relationship by always having the "last word."

9) Look people "in the eye" when paying a compliment or asking for a favor.

10) Never hesitate to ask for directions, a recipe, or a hug.

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