What about me?

I've been a follower of Christ for almost forty years now. I've seen just about everything, every program, and every activity that a local church can have....TWICE!

In my mid-forties now, I'm seeing all of the "emergents" and "missionals" and other folks that are springing up in the local congregations, and sometimes I want to ask "What about me?"

I don't fit into the "twenty" or "thirty"somethings anymore---because I'm not...

I don't fit into the typical "singles ministry"---because our local congregation doesn't have one...and really doesn't need one--in my humble opinion.

I'm very well educated, and just want to do my part in helping to advance the "kingdom of God..."

I'm not an evangelist, even though I believe in evangelism.

So what about me?

Where do I fit in?


K E Alexander said...

I know exactly how you feel. I see myself as caught in the "time between the times" as Steve Land would say. In the move from modernity to postmodernity, I'm excited about the deconstruction and construction of postmodernity but beholden to the structure that is modernity. I don't want to sing Redback much anymore (only in a nostalgiac way really...I'm just really tired of it) but I'm not ready to just do the music my kids do in youth group all the time either (though I love a lot of it!).

THIS is mid-life crisis!!

Lowell Brannen said...

Just wait 'til you get in the mid-sixties range! Sometimes I think I'm going through my second childhood. It's that.....or what?