Heaven....is it real?

I have no doubt in my mind, that the wonderful place I've heard of all my life--HEAVEN--is real.

I have waaaay too many friends and family members in that glorious city to even entertain the shadow of a doubt about the City Whose Builder and Maker is God.

But the way we live on this earth....I'm wondering if we Christ-followers have lost all interest in a place called Heaven.

We never sing about Heaven anymore...or at least hardly ever. I can remember when those precious saints of God sang those grand old songs about Heaven...When the sisters would raise their hands in the air, and wipe tears from their eyes..singing about heaven.

I remember, as a child, when we sang about God's eternal city--Heaven---because we knew it would have to be FAR, FAR superior to what little we had (and still have, in many cases) on this earth. The people of God would rejoice, because of the unspeakably marvelous hope they had for the "afterlife."

I actually encountered someone not long ago, and we were talking about "heaven." This person made the remark to the effect of "I'm wondering if Heaven will be much better than what I have here already."

WHAT? It has to be AEONS better than the paltry substance we have on this earth.

So what about Heaven? How real is "heaven" to you?

I have many loved ones there....I call them "my investments" in that glorious, glorious place, where the Lamb of God--God's Only Begotten Son--is the everlasting light....

I want to go there!

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