What deeply troubles me

about the current "immigration" debate(s) in this country:

1) We have become a nation of "every man[and woman] does what is right in their own eyes." And this is particularly true of those who come to the United States, undocumented, and decide to stay here.

2) We are teaching an entire segment of society [and subsequent generations] that the laws of the United States of America can be ingnored and trifled with, and nothing of any consequence will happen. If anyone can come to the United States, ignoring our immigration laws, and successfully "hide out" here...or worse yet, flaunt their status, then how can we expect "society" to believe that our "laws" actually should be obeyed?

3) Our educational, legal, healthcare, and welfare systems are being bankrupted by the "overloads" on them. Taxpaying "citizens" and legal residents of this nation deserve far better than these systems can currently deliver. In our desires to be "humane" we are becoming less so, because the current structures cannot effectively serve those who most need their services.

4) Most of the people I've encountered who come here undocumented (and have remained here) have little, if any, loyalty to the United States of America. They will be the first ones to "march" on the streets, wave their flags (of another land), and cry out about how "unfair" America is to them. If America is so "unfair"--then what on earth are you doing here, consuming our resources, polluting our streets, and taking up space? You are neither needed nor wanted in this land, if we are so "awful."

5) The "amnesty option" of 1986 didn't work then, even though President Reagan's intentions were noble and good. The laws of 1986 only spurred more Mexicans (and others) to come here illegally, and we are now reaping the whirlwind of such actions. Our generosity and kindness have been abused, and will continue being abused until we stop those who are abusing.

What say ye?

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Benjie said...

Thanks for taking time to stop by, read and comment.

I've got friends, enemies, and relatives weighing in on all sides of this issue--usually as relates to their personal background.

I think that we have a big mess that can't be cleaned up by the mess that is Congress.