Happy Birthday, Brian White!

My good friend Brian White is celebrating his 32nd birthday today!

Happy Birthday, Brian

He is an amazing man...or at least I think so. He and I have been friends now for more than six years. I met him when he first came to Chicago in the winter/spring of 2001. He moved here to do a masters degree at the Moody Bible Institute.

Afterwards, he accepted a position as Associate Pastor in a local church in the Detroit area for two years. Honestly, I think he and I talked more when he was living in Michigan than we do now...and we are in the same city.

He's a kind, warm, generous man with a large heart. He has a very disarming smile, and a great sense of humor. He is also marrying a wonderful, wonderufl girl...Miss Inna.

So, true to form, I want to wish him a big Happy Birthday here!

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Brian and Inna White said...

Hey, I did a search for Inna and Brian White to locate my blog since I forgot it, and I found this! LOL, thanks for the nice entry:):)