For some reason I never really "got into" watching all the home repair shows like "This Old House" or "Bob Vila's" whatever-its-called. Until I bought a home two years ago.

Now, I seem to be captivated by these short 27-minute episodes, even though I am not needing to make home repairs anytime soon. (I am the first owner of a brand new rehabbed condo.)

But, homes aren't the only things that need repairing.

More importantly, and even more difficult sometimes, are the repairing of relationships that have been injured or broken. And sometimes, this can take years.

I am thinking of one right now that was just about destroyed by some long, wagging tongues. I did everything in my power to "preserve" this relationship, and it still hit the skids. It was heartbreaking for me....and I felt the pain very keenly.

My brother in Christ--my friend, lives in another state...and I've not heard from him in almost 4 years now. It was a very ugly situation. But now I want to see if I can do my part in repairing it.

I'm not sure where to start. But this much I do know: God wants me to do my part.

How about you? Are there relationships in your life that has been destroyed/broken/torn apart, and there's a chance they can be salvaged or restored?

What would God have you do?

What's holding you back? Why?

Please pray for me, as I follow what I believe to be God's directions in "this" situation.

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