"The Dream"...the snake....

The content of my "dreams" (as crazy as some of them are) is usually something that I don't bother divulging to the VAST blogging audience (tongue firmly in cheek here). But the dream from last night/early this morning is something that I feel compelled to share:

I was sitting in a meeting with some people that I know--a mixed gathering of both men and women. I'm not even sure why we were together, but the tone turned very spiritual...and since the people were all Christians, I thought it would be rather harmless, and possibly interesting.

It was--to a point.

Somehow I dreamed about a snake slithering in around all of us, and working it's way through this group of people. This creature attempted to strike at some people, but wasn't successful. At one lady in particular, he completely slithered past her...oddly enough, the serpent saw this woman covered in a thick blanket of prayer and protection.

When the serpent came near--I was sitting across from this lady--it opened it's mouth and was ready to strike at me...near my left forearm...and the lady across from me yelled out loud, warning me about protecting myself. She said, "look at the serpent's name..." and I saw the word LUST on the skin of the animal. This lady (whom I recognized very well) screamed, "Run, Phil, RUN!" Yet, I stood still. This lady again yelled, "Run, Phil, RUN...don't let this bite you, or you will never recover..."

I woke up shortly afterwards (I think)...and felt this dream to be a clear warning from the Lord...

The Scriptures warn us and admonish us to avoid all occasions for lust and other sins. We must take those warnings seriously.

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