It comes as no surprise to anyone (at least no one on THIS planet) that the United States has an unbelievable NATIONAL DEBT and recurring NATIONAL DEFICITS.

This must stop! And " we, the people" must insist that it stop. We are so far in debt in this country--as a nation--that my nieces/nephews GRANDCHILDREN will never be able to see "surpluses" in our national coffers.

I don't like that feeling. We must control our spending, and start paying off our national debts.

Doing so will affect every person in this country. We must curb and control entitlements. We must make MUCH better use of the "dollars" that taxpayers (that would be me, among others) are being "mugged" for every pay day.

Stop it! Stop it now!

I am all for a strong military, good healthcare, and the things that make this nation great...but we must get control of our spending. We do not need to be funding the "bridge to no where" in ANY STATE...(or anywhere else, for that matter). We need to pay down our national debts.

If those countries who are currently holding our debts decide to "cash in" these "nifty fifty" would be a THIRD-WORLD experiment gone terribly awry--over night!

So, Senators Obama and McCain, this is a very serious national issue: Debt and Deficit Reduction. We must pay our bills.

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