National Issue #4: Infrastructure, Infrastructure

It's time that Americans "ween themselves" off their gas-guzzling automobiles (for starters) and for the United States to start rebuilding our infrastructure in this nation of ours.

In some cases, this will mean "building infrastructure" to begin with, i.e. a high-speed rail service between Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA--comes immediately to mind.

Our roads, bridges, rail systems, bus-systems, highways, and expressways are pretty much in terrible disrepair. While the "airlines" seem to get all the attention, there are multiplied millions who do not fly more than once a year--if that often. But one thing is sure: These "multiplied millions" do use the rest of our infrastructure, shabby though it may be.

Many of our interstate highways are excellent--we need to make sure we keep them that way!
Many of our interstate highways are average-good. This is unacceptable--they must be improved! Many of our interstate highways are awful--and this is a SHAME! It is shameful beyond shameful that the richest nation on earth (and in the history of humanity) cannot/will not finance and maintain their transportation byways in good repair. It's time that we spend the money and manpower to make sure that our "infrastructure" is the absolute best it can be.

We do not need another bridge collapsing unexpectedly. The "Minneapolis tragedy" from last summer should be a somber, sobering lesson for the entire nation.

Regardless of what the talking bobbleheads, union gurus, and others are saying, we must upgrade and return our national infrastructure to superior condition.

Anything less is shameful...

And it should be criminal.

Senator McCain, are you listening?

Senator Obama, are you listening?

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Helen said...

I agree with you. I just hope something is done about it soon. Mayor Daley wants the Olympics here in Chicago, but the state of our streets and expressways is embarrassing.