National Issues: Immigration Control and Reform

For the next several posts, I want to address "issues" that I believe are CRITICALLY important to this nation. After all the "talking bobbleheads" have done their "thing" and criticized both Senator McCain and Senator Obama, it is "we the people" who must vote for a new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next January 20th.

The first ISSUE: Immigration.

I fully realize that this great nation of ours is a "nation of immigrants"--the originals inhabitants are no longer living among us...and the "native Americans" should be cared for.

But, we have more than 12 million people (a very conservative estimate, at that) who are residing in the United States illegally. The more diplomatic among us will just call their status "undocumented" which I will say, "that too."

These 12 million people have, by and large, thumbed their noses in the face of the laws of the United States, and have told the "law-abiding" citizens (and legal immigrants) they will do as they please...and there's not a thing we can do about it.

And that is our fault.

The most pressing national issue (among many pressing national issues) in my opinion is the "immigration" issue.

Just here in my city of Chicago, one of the prominent Latino Alderman (Munoz is his name)had to admit that his father was running an illegal documents scam...for which the "feds" did a raid a year or so ago. Mr Munoz' father has since that time, pled guilty. That "racket" was worth more than 1 million dollars annually...and God only knows how many people have "documents" that aren't worth the paper on which they are printed.

And that's just part of the "tempest in the teapot."

Regardless of where they come from, ILLEGALS/UNDOCUMENTEDS (whatever one would wish to label them) must realize, and be certain that the LAWS of the United States will not only be respected, but enforced.

In my opinion, we must:

1) Close the borders, and do it quickly.

2) Start deporting those who are breaking our laws.

3) Start heavily fining employers who insist on employing the "undocumenteds" in this nation...and I mean HEAVY fines...something more than a simple slap on the wrist.

4) Insist that anyone who wants to immigrate to this country must be somewhat conversant (willing to become proficient) in the English language. Too many taxpayers are being robbed because of people who insist on the freedoms of the United States, but never bother learning the language of law and commerce of the United States. Make it clear: You come to the USA, you will learn to speak English--we will stop the wasteful nonsense of translating everything all the time.

There are other issues, and I will address them in subsequent posts.

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