National Issue #6 Care of the Elderly

This issue has been on the "back burners" for all the "talking heads in Washington" for FAR too long. And without argument (from me, at least), the care of our aging parents/population is not either easily diagnosed nor easily solved. But, now is the time to start wrapping our minds, energies, and resources around this very, very significant challenge in our society and culture.

Many of our "elderly" citizens are not financially prepared--or at least not "as prepared" as the "experts" (again, another nebulous group) say they should have been for their later years. And none of us are growing any younger, either.

The costs of medical care, prescription drugs, and other "necessities" of life are not going down. Not by a long shot. While all of these costs are skyrocketing, the resources to "fund" these things are rapidly dwindling....RAPIDLY. I cannot over-emphasize this. Some of these wonderful people have worked hard all of their adult lives, have been mugged by Uncle Sam repeatedly for their entire working lives, and now can't depend on any significant social benefits to care for them, in case they have no family resources either willing or able to care for them.

Reports of elderly citizens being abused in assisted living, and nursing facilities abound. Whether these reports are exaggerated, or even fabricated, each case must be individually investigated. But, we do have a problem, "Houston"...and we must start paying attention.

I was born near the very end of the "baby boomer" generation, and in about 20 short years, I will be considered "elderly." I'm doing my best to save some now...and it's difficult to say the least.

We need to have a serious national conversation about the "elderly" and the "issues of the elderly" in this country.

We must start soon. We aren't growing any younger.

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