A MUST READ: "The War Within"

Some anonymous pastor wrote these profound articles about 26 years ago. He was describing and detailing his battle with lust, pornography, and his own sexuality.

Whether one wants to believe it or not, the "War Within" is a still a major war for many people.

Here are the links:

and the sequel


I read this last night, and wept. I wept for the precious men (and women) who have suffered because of the "tricks of the Enemy" in their mind, heart, and souls. I wept because of the deception that has destroyed what God intended to be "good" and beneficial in His kingdom.

I wept because of my own past struggles (not with pornography, thank the Lord), deep in my soul, thinking that no one would ever understand, or even want to be near me. Yet, Christ--the all-compassionate God, continues to call me to Himself. I hear His words, "Come unto Me, all you who are weak and loaded down with care. Take My yoke upon yourselves and learn from Me. You will find rest for your soul."

Those words are still true. Regardless of who you are, where you are, or what position you hold, the words of Jesus are still true for you. He is calling you, even this very moment. Bring your burdens and cares...and yes, YOUR SECRET SINS to Him. He knows how to handle them all.

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