Five Wounds Men Must Face

This Thursday, October 2nd will be the 4th session of our Men's Fraternity: Quest for Authentic Manhood at The Moody Church. And this session promises to be a "doozy." We will be discussing "Unpacking". We will specifically be talking about five wounds that men must deal with in their lives:

1) The Absent Father Wound
2) The Overly Bonded with Mother Wound
3) The All Alone Wound
4) The Lack of a Manhood Vision Wound
5) The Heart Wound....

This will be a doozy, because last week's session, "Looking Back" brought many of us in the room to tears. I saw lots of strong men wiping tears from their eyes...I was ready to bawl at just any given moment.

I can identify with at least three of those wounds: Absent Father, All Alone, and Heart wounds...and I'll write more later, I'm sure.

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