When it rains, it pours....in more ways than one.

I'm only 46 years old...and I can't remember "times" such as we are witnessing these days:

Record flooding in various parts of the country.
Record financial collapses of MAJOR financial institutions, some of them household words.
Record fundraising/fund-spending by political campaigns for the White House

These are indeed "perilous" times. The Apostle Paul warned young Pastor Timothy (some two thousand years ago) that he was living in "perilous" times. And those times are still with us.

I was thinking about this at lunch today: Many people trust in their riches, whether it be their retirement accounts, their 401ks, or their other "investments." The skyline on Wall Street is much bleaker than it was a few days ago. So, what we can surmise is that our "financial systems" are not fool-proof, nor fail-proof.

Are you scared?

Where do you place your "trust"? Is your confidence in the "economy"? Do you really believe the new occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (next January 21) will make a significant difference?

I'm just crazy enough to believe that GOD HIMSELF holds the future. That He really does care for those who are in relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Riches and wealth WILL fail--just look at Wall Street today. How the mighty have fallen!

But we know this much: God never fails.

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M. Steve Heartsill said...

Seems to me the Bible has something to say about times like these...let's see if I can remember where...