The Four Faces of Manhood
We are embarking on the 3rd week of Men's Fraternity: Quest for Authentic Manhood at The Moody Church. We meet every Thursday morning, beginning at 6 a.m. and finishing at 7:30 a.m. We have a 45-minute video presentation, and then 45 minutes in our small groups, discussing the materials, sharing with one another.

Last week, we discussed the "four faces of manhood." These are King, Warrior, Lover, and Friend. WOW! These were very "telling" and "revealing" for all of us guys--many who have never thought of these "faces" before.

One of the discussion questions at the end of the video was: "Which of these 'faces' do you most closely relate to?" And a follow-up question, "Which of these faces do you need the most help in relating to?"

I'm a terrific friend. I'm not much of a King, an okay "warrior" (I personally would have found another term to use, instead of 'warrior'), and well, "Lover"---haven't been in much for that.

The guys in my small group agreed that I'm a very, very good friend. And in a time when most men have few, if any, friends--I consider myself very fortunate indeed.

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bestonline323 said...

Wow i cant believe i missed "four faces of manhood." i would have loved it. Im definitely going to be there next time, thank you!

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