My ONE experience with Senator Barack Obama: A Personal Testimony

In May 2005, I was having a horrible time trying to secure a VA Loan to buy my first condo.... The Veterans' Administration had several things on their "files" about me that were patently untrue, and I had no idea where they came from. I had solid evidence to the contrary of everything the VA supposedly "had" on me.

After the voluminous phone calls, and the elevated blood pressure, I called Senator Obama's Chicago office. His administrative assistant in that office, asked me to fax a letter, with all the appropriate documentation to the office, and that it would receive immediate attention. Best I can remember, that was on a Tuesday.

Two days later, I received a telephone call from Senator Obama himself, asking me to explain a couple of details to him. He also served on the Veterans' Affairs Committee at the time (the main reason I contacted his office, by the way).

The following week, I got a call from his administrative assistant here in Chicago, saying that the issues I had raised had been resolved. She gave me the name and number of someone at the VA that I should contact to verify the resolution of the matters at hand.

I contacted the VA representative, and indeed, the issue had been rectified, and corrected at the Senator's request. My personal testimony.

DISCLAIMER: Long ago, I felt that Senator Obama should not run for the Presidency...and as of today, I have no plans to cast my ONE vote for him.

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Tim Elston said...


Dr. Dennis Norlin, the Executive Director at the American Theological Library Association there in Chicago, my former place of employment, had a story about Barack Obama. I may get my facts wrong, but it went something like this: Dennis has a special needs daughter who is in a wheel chair. He and his daughter were at a large conference of some sort, and Obama happened to be passing through a corridor where the Norlins were resting. When Obama saw the girl in the wheel chair, he went out of his way to come over and say hello. Dennis was impressed that a state Senator would take the time to exchange kindnesses with a person in a wheel chair like that, when no cameras or entourage was around. My impression is that Obama is a true gentleman and a fine person. Between him and McCain, I'm hoping that Obama wins, even though I have always hoped that McCain would become president some day. I won't vote for Obama, but I won't vote for the Republican BS Machine, either. I hope you're doing well, my friend.