This precious song brings tears to my eyes...

My Grandmother Fields loves to tell me how she took me to my very first Gospel concert when I was less than 3 years old. The event was held in the National Guard Armory in Huntsville, Alabama...and the Speer Family were the guest singers for the evening. Mom and Dad Speer were still alive back then...

Even though I was much too young to remember this occasion, I have always had a great affinity for the Speers, their ministry and their music. This video shows "Dad" Speer, "Mom" Speer, Brock, and his youngest sibling, Ben Speer. The chorus of this great song still gladdens my heart:

"Standing by the river
Waiting for the boatman
Listening to the music on the other shore!
I can hear the angels
Singing out a welcome
With my friends and loved ones who have gone before!

I have a great inheritance in that glory land! So very many whom I have loved (but more importantly, loved me) are rejoicing in the presence of the Lord this very a land where there is no night!

I have two grandparents there. I have a vast number of other "family"--people who loved and served the Lord--in that land.

Here I am..."standing by the river...listening to the music on the other shore."

Heaven is sounding sweeter all the time!

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