Sitting here, at my desk, wiping tears from my eyes...

I grew up with very little--actually none--of this world's material goods...but I was RICH in the great treasures that really matter: knowing about heaven, knowing that Jesus made the way for me to go there.

This song just says it all for me:

We truly are "pilgrims and strangers here" and yes we are "seeking a City to come." I have many, many loved ones in that wonderful City Whose Builder and Maker is God.

One of my readers, Dr Jackie Johns, knows what a precious promise this is to those who love and know Christ. Both of his earthly parents are now in the presence of his Heavenly Father, rejoicing on the streets of glory.

So "cheer, my brother cheer, our trials will soon be o'er."

These "light afflictions" are just that...light...and they will wither in the presence of the Eternal Light...God's Only Son.

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