A great blast from the past...


I remember the Virginia Boulevard Church of God Men's Trio singing this great, great song of hope, and testimony. No one could sing this great song like Keith, Claudie, and Brother "whatshisname..." (I honestly can't remember...it's been almost 35 years ago).

"I can see the Lights of Home
I can see Him on His throne.
I'm too near to turn back now...
O Praise the Lord, I'm heaven bound!
When my journey here shall end!
I'll say goodbye to this world of sin.
In that fair land, I'll take my stand..
It's good to be on this road to glory land."

Yes, it is! As much as I (and others) may complain about how "tough life really is.." I'm thrilled, deep, deep in my soul to know that I'm on the road to Glory.

Anthony Burger, who is playing the piano in the clip, is now rejoicing on the streets of Heaven! He was the principal pianist with the Gaither Homecoming Concerts, and suddenly sailed away to glory a few short years ago---while he was playing the piano during a Gaither Homecoming Concert on a Cruise ship in the Bahamas.

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