I'm looking forward to Heaven.


I remember my Granny Hoover's home church, Shipps Baptist Church in Gurley, Alabama. I had a lot of paternal family members who were part of that congregation. I remember their "monthly Singing" every 4th Saturday night of the month. It was always great!

I also remember when the Summer Revival started on the 4th Sunday of August--with all-day singing, and dinner on the ground....which really was just "all-day dinner" and rightly so.

But one of the great songs from that country church was "When They Ring the Bells of Heaven"...oh how I would love to hear those people sing that wonderful anthem of testimony again!

"That will be a glad homecoming, won't it be grand...
When they ring the bells of heaven on that day!"

Yes, it will be grand. Gloriously, eternally grand!

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