Dear President George Bush

Mr President,

In less than one week, you will again be "private citizen" George W Bush. As you have stated many times (in recent weeks), you are looking forward to this "drastic" change of pace in your life.

Let me say that we Americans appreciate your willingness to serve your country--both as Governor of Texas, and then as President of the United States. Thank you for serving.

While I have disagreed with most of your actions since you moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I do respect you as a person, and as a man. You have demonstrated what a good husband, good son, and good father should look like--and this nation has paid attention to your example.

My only regret is that you won't have the opportunity to "correct" many of the mistakes that were made on your watch. I'm sure you would like to "re-do" many of these...but alas, time and history doesn't allow for that to take place.

Your wife, Laura, has been nothing short of superb in her role as First Lady, and as a champion for literacy and reading in this nation. Even though you have been unpopular (understated, of course), Laura continues to be a favorite among all Americans. You "married up..." and you did quite well, when you secured her hand, her heart and her love to you.

Be a good private citizen. Join your parents in all of their great charitable endeavors. Make yourself, and this nation proud of you once again. You can do it.

Now you will have that opportunity.

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