Angry Immigrants....

The July 4, 2006 edition of the Chicago Tribune had a front page story about "immigrants" in the city who are anxious, fearful, and some even angry about the recent backlash towards "immigrants" in this country. Many of the people who were mentioned are now learning to speak English, taking citizenship classes, and "becoming Americans" in every sense of the word.

Here's the letter that I sent to the Tribune's editor a few minutes ago:

I read, with great interest, your FRONT page story (July 4) about all the immigrants who have decided that it's time to become citizens of this nation and to learn to speak English. What a novel idea! Good for them, and it's about time.

I have zero-sympathy for anyone who comes to this country--for a better way of life--and then refuses to learn the prevailing language (that would be English, for now), and to become a citizen of this nation. If you do not want to become a citizen of this country, or better yet, learn English and make a better way of life for yourself, I only have one question: Why did you come to the United States in the first place?

I know many people who have come to this nation--and Chicago in particular--who have learned the language (and insisted their children also learn English), and have become hardworking, taxpaying citizens of this great nation--in record time. If they can do it, so can all the "others." Spend more time learning the language and preparing for citizenship, instead of marching in the streets and complaining about how "unfair" America is. If we are so "unfair" why do you stay here?

The only person in your story that might garner any sympathy from me was the elderly Asian woman in her late 70s who is worried about medical benefits. But then again, how long has she lived here in the USA?

Yes, we are a nation of "immigrants"--but we are also a nation of immigrants who have learned the prevailing language, and have become tax-paying, voting citizens of this great country.

If you do not want to become an American, please don't take up permanent space in this nation.

What say ye?

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Cynthia D. Grant said...

You forgot law abiding.

As a popular radio host put it, "There's a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law, punish those who do not."

There are few Americans who are truely anti-immigrant. Most view themselves as law abiding citizens, and they want likewise from thier neighbors.

We expect a terrorist to sneak in illegally to commit mischief.

I am amazed by the immigrant community's stance that they are not criminals. Just because the laws have not been enforced does not mean the laws are not on the books. I am angry at the States who have decided that the Federal laws just do not apply in thier states. Apparently, the lessons of the civil war need to be retaught.

"But we need cheap labor." Just because they pay them pennies does not mean they are not slaves. They have no rights here, do not get to vote...

Oh well, I'll be quiet now.

Have a good day.