Another saint on the other side...

Luther Neeley isn't a household name.

Unless you are his child or grandchild. Or in my case, his step-grandson.

Papa (as he was affectionately called by many of us) was a gentle soul. Always full of laughter, a good word for everybody, and just a good man.

His daughter Marie is my stepmom...and I affectionately call her "mom" for many reasons.

The last time I saw Papa Neeley was three months ago, and he was lying in a hospital bed in Huntsville, Alabama. He wasn't able to be funny, or to speak. I'm not even sure he knew I was there.

Monday night, Papa Neeley crossed over to the "glory world."

That same Christ whom he loved and served for most of his life--he is now worshipping eternally.

He is free, whole, and eternally secured in the presence of our Lord Jesus.

He will be missed. But we wouldn't want to bring him back.

And he wouldn't want to come back.

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