So what is REALLY important to.....?

Saturday, July 1st, I had the "day off." And when I say the "day off"--I had nothing planned that "had to be done."

Other than the normal stuff to be done at home, I really had the day to myself and was looking forward to it very much.

I did some basic household chores, some launddry, and some grocery shopping.

Later on Saturday evening, I was reading my Bible, and just relaxing some before I prepared for Sunday's activities, and then off to sleep.

It seemed as though I heard the Holy Spirit inquire within my heart: "Phil, what is really important to you?"

What an odd question---or so I thought at the time. What is "really important" to me is alot of "stuff." And therein lies the problem.

It's all "stuff."

My job, my home, my finances, my's all stuff.

None of this is really "eternal." It's just stuff.

But yet, the God of all creation wanted to ask me personally, "What's is really important to you?"

And I'm still trying to discover what my answer really is to Him.

I could say alot of things, but I really want to know what is truth. What is "important" to me?

I'm still thinking on this one. I"m sure that I will be for a long time.

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