Some things never change....

I was just reading a post from my friend Travis Johnson (down in the Miami area) @ where he was talking about moving for the fifth time in four years.

I feel for you Trav...I really do!

But I was also meditating on those things that never really change:

1) God's love for us. Regardless of where we go, what we do, or how long we remain aloof, we can always know that GOD WILL LOVE US. He may not always condone what we are doing, but His love for us is unchanging. Even when we walk away from Him, and refuse to live in His reality. Even if we decide to spend eternity in hell--He still loves us.

2) Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father. Now here is where I will "part ways" with many of my friends. I believe and cling to the claims of Jesus Christ, when He said, "No man comes to the Father, except through Me." Jesus is both inclusive and exclusive. He is inclusive when He said, "He who comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out"--forgive my King James English please--and His word is true. He is exclusive, because we cannot get to His Father unless we come through Him.

3) Heaven is a real place for real people. Some people in some churches in some places never sing about Heaven anymore. They never preach about Heaven anymore, and they never even mention Heaven anymore. Why? Is it because "Heaven" really doesn't exist, or is it because we are so satisfied here that we aren't longing to go "there"? My Bible still tells me that Heaven is a real place for real people. Or as the old country Baptist preacher used to say, "Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people." Sorta hard to prepare for something you never hear about, isn't it? Heaven is real!

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