A warning to some "neighbors."

As most of us have been watching the crisis in the Middle East (and then we ask, "when hasn't there been a crisis in the Middle East?"), it seems as though the tensions are just getting hotter and hotter.

The United States invasion and subsequent overthrow of Iraq, and our continuing presence there has caused more than one eyebrow to be raised--both here and there.

Now Hezbollah and Hamas have made the tragic mistake of capturing/kidnapping Israeli soldiers while they were performing their professional duties.

Bad mistake. Bad, bad mistake!

When Israel acts, it doesn't have to ask anyone's opinion--and usually doesn't want anyone's opinions. Just ask the Lebanonese.

Now I'm not so pro-Israel that I can't disagree with some of the military and political/economic decisions the ruling government has made over their 58-year history. But Israel has the absolute right to protect itself, period.

The Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and anyone else who would want to "destroy" Israel should be watching, and taking some careful notes.

You had better think twice before you mess with Prime Minister Ohlmert's military.

Make that three times. Or more.

Should Iran or Syria decide they want to attack Israel, I have no doubt in my mind that Ohlmert would waste precious few seconds making the world's largest parking lot out of either one or both nations. And no smart nation would get in their way either.

It's that serious. The Israeliss have practiced far more restraint than anyone in the "neighborhood" has any right to expect---for the last 58 years. When school buses are blown up by suicide bombers, people are executed because they are Jewish, and all sorts of other atrocities--many times over the last 58 years. These people have every right to national security, without the fear of some rogue nation wanting to wipe them off the face of the earth.

In the meantime, we really do need to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

And the rest of the Middle East.

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RC said...

more than peace in jerusalem i think it might be more important to pray for peace in the souls of men in these places.

i doubt we'll see peace in jerusalem in the days ahead no matter how hard we pray...but peace in the souls of some of those men there...now that is something I'm challenged to pray about.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com