She's my HERO...

My sister Cynthia (who now goes by "Cindy") Elmore. She's my hero. Here's why:

1) She grew up with a severe speech impediment, but through alot of hard work with a therapist and the healing hand of the Lord, she speaks as clear as a bell now.

2) She married a wonderful man (Scott Elmore) whom I knew when he was just a snotty-nosed kid running about our neighborhood. His older brother Danny was/is one of my best friends.

3) She has completely committed her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. This family are devoted members of their local church, and are committed to raising their two children (Chelsea and Caleb) in the fear of the Lord.

4) She is the mother of two wonderful children: my precious niece Chelsea, and my rambunctuous nephew Caleb. I love them both dearly.

Cynthia is a loving woman, and has been teaching school now for almost twenty years. She has overcome obstacles that would have crippled most people.

And she's done it with grace, dignity, class, and charm. I love her dearly. She continually tells me that I am her hero.

But really, if the truth be told:

She is my hero!

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